We DO take in horses to train. We only accept a very small number at the facility to keep the quality high. We also have a website strictly to help with training issues and advice, you can see the site by going to this site. If you will follow the website you may have the ability to train your horse yourself. Training a horse is simply handling the horse everyday and understanding what the steps are to LET them trust you.
The ability to take a customers horse and be trusted to train him consistently everyday is a trust many in our industry do not take serious. We absolutely guaranteed that your horse will be ridden and handled almost ever single day. Your horse will have his own web page and you will be able to check on his performance every day.
Our staff will be handling and riding and making your horse into a horse you will be able to trust. We will be keeping a log of the time the horse is actually being trained and you will have access to these files. Please visit the site for more information about getting your horse trained or call us direct at 936-222-8221

Training $750.00 That includes feed hay and a stall.

You will receive pictures of your horse everyday and once a week, you will receive a video of the progress of your horse. You can come out anytime you like to see your horse in training. Before you take your horse home we want to teach you how to ride your horse.