Trail Rides

trail-riding┬áThe facility location we have in New Caney is ideal for trail riding. we have hundreds of accessible acres to explore with trails, hills, and a river to safely explore. To book a trail ride is very easy and very affordable. Please call in advance so we can have the horses ready for you. A free refresher mini riding lesson is free and we absolutely believe in safety first on the trail. Our Staff have ridden these trails in every direction and they will tell you ” It is easy to get lost back here”. Our horses are also hand picked for their personality and gentleness….you will NOT be riding Tornado, who has thrown every cowboy in the county!
Trail rides can be scheduled for any time but must be completed 15 minutes before dark. The price for the rides is per horse and by the hour. Per Person: $45. No extras, no hidden charges. Must sign a hold harmless agreement and must be able to safely control your horse. Typically all horses must remain at a walk to consider all the riders abilities. That means no running our riding horses!, want to run a horse and risk your safety, buy your OWN horse. We want everyone to have fun and believe in a relaxed environment, but no drinking on any trail ride or any stable event. To book a trail ride or if you would just like a starter lesson before you venture out on the trail please call the office direct at 281-744-2197 or the barn at 281-673-5217.