Top 10 Tips for buying a horse

1. Do your home work on the care of a horse.

2. Bring an experience horse person with you when looking at the horse.
3. Make sure that the horse fits your needs.
 If you are a beginner, you will need an experienced horse that will teach you, and not fight with you. What breed, color, age, height, and sex you choose isn’t that important. It is the horse’s attitude, training level, and experience that counts. It’s a nice dream to have a horse to grow up with your child, but to be realistic and inexperience horse with an inexperience rider could end up badly. Make sure you get an older horse for your child.
4. Questions:
Ask a lot of questions, the more you know about the horse you will make a better decision.
5. Behavior:
How does the horse behave when being groomed? Is it head shy or ticklish? Does it allow its hooves to be picked up.
6. Always have the owner ride the horse first.
7. Watch how the horse handles.
 Ask the owner to walk, trot and lope the horse. Make sure the horse will walk off calmly after loping.
8. Coggins Test:
Ask the owner if the horse has a current coggins test. In the state of Texas all horse must be sold with a current coggins.
9. Bill Of Sale:
Make sure that you get a bill of sale.
10. Most importantly enjoy your new horse

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