Terms and Conditions

Purchase Policy

The seller warrants they have a clear title to said horse(s). A Ranch Horse acts as an agent to said horse(s) that are on consignment.
A Ranch Horse is not responsible for any hidden/unknown illness, defect, age of said horse.
A Ranch Horse Is not responsible if purchasing said horse(s) without evaluating said horse(s) prior to purchase.

Deposits/Pay In full

No Money Refunds
A 300.00 deposit is required to hold a horse. The deposit will only hold a horse for 7 days.
The deposit will go toward the purchase price.
If you decide that the horse is not what you are looking for the deposit will transfer to another horse of your choice. No Money Refund.
If two deposit are applied you can not apply both deposits on one horse. If you purchase the horse before test riding, and decide that this is not the right horse, the moneys can go onto another horse of your choice. No Money Refunds!
No Money Refunds

Return Policy

The buyer has 3 day to exchange said horse from date of receipt.
You must choose a horse from same seller for equal or lesser value.
Horse(s) must come back in the same or better condition. If said horse(s) is altered in anyway the return policy will be null and voided. For example cutting of mane, tail or hooves, weight lost.
Only one trade per horse, make sure the new horse is what you want.

The buyer is responsible to Ship/Transport the horse(s) back to A Ranch Horse.  A Ranch Horse will not pay for shipping/Transporting. NO MONEY REFUND


NO Money Refunds.


Shipping/Transporting is sole responsibility of the buyer. If requested that A Ranch Horse Ship/Transport horse(s) the fee is $2.00 per loaded mile.