Taking Care Of Your New Horse

Here is some important tips and guideline how to care for your horse.
Feeding – Horse should stay on the same protean %. Changes in their diet can cause colic. The term “colic” means only “pain in the abdomen” or “pain in the belly”. One of the problems with equine colic is that it can be very difficult in the early stages to distinguish the mild from the potentially fatal.

Water – Horses can consume up to 10- 15 gallons of water daily. As such, it is extremely important that you have a ready supply of fresh water for your horse.

Worming – In order to avoid these diseases from infecting our horses and to keep them healthy is to wormed them regularly with an effective antiparasitic treatment. This will help your horse from intestinal parasites and to avoid serious hygienic problems in your horse.

Trimming Hooves – The most important part of a horse, is his hooves. Cleaning and trimming your horses hooves are necessary for the safety of the horse as well as the rider. Horses would have their hooves trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks. keeping your horses hooves trimmed will help to prevents lameness.

Gooming – Is very importand to your horse. keeping your horse coat clean from dirt, mud and sweat. A number of different problems can result if a horse’s coat is not kept clean.

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