Signs Of Colic

Colic is the most common medical ailment in the horse. Advances in veterinary knowledge and the development of new drugs and surgical techniques have helped to improve the survival rate for horses suffering with colic.

The signs of Colic are
2.Pawing the Ground
3. Kicking at their belly
4. Doing a lot of lying down and getting up
5. Rolling
6. Stamping their hind feet

Severe Colic Are
1. Bloated Belly
2. Kick at their belly violently
3. Sweating Profusely
4. Lying down and getting up frequently
5. No gut sounds
6. Pawing the ground
7. Muscles staining or tremors
8. Elevated heart rate and respiration rate

If you see any of these signs, start walking your horse and call your veterinarian right away.

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