Should You Sell or Replace Your Horse?

Article by A Ranch Horse

DSC02887  No matter what the circumstances, the decision to sell a beloved horse is heart-wrenching. There are many situations that may make it necessary to sell – perhaps you’ve outgrown your mount or the horse is beyond its prime competition years. Otherwise, the decision to sell a horse could be a monetary one or due to unavoidable circumstances where you just may not be able to offer your horse the attention and care it needs. There are a few different options to consider to selling your horse that could be more appealing to some owners. Leasing or lending out your horse may be an alternative, as is donating your horse to a therapy group or summer camp. However, these arrangements may not always be feasible or available to you. If you’ve tried to find alternate arrangements and have come up empty, how do you know when it’s really time to sell your horse?

• Horses require daily hands on maintenance to ensure good health, both physical and mental – so it is your responsibility as a horse owner to ensure your horse gets the attention and exercise it needs. If you are unable to do exercise your horse and can’t make alternative arrangements for its care, it may be better to consider to selling him. While it’s perfectly fine to cut down on exercising your horse while you recover from a short-term injury such as a broken bone, you need to think seriously about selling if you will be out of commission long-term and have no one to help you take over these tasks in your absence.

• If you find that you really are no longer able to financially support your horse, sell him while he is still in good condition and worth the money. A uncared for horse will look like less money in a very short time. Many well-meaning but underfunded owners wait too long to sell, making the horse go without vet visits, farrier appointments, and a quality diet. If you cannot find the funds to care for your animal, you have to put his health and well-being first.

• If you are un confident or feel intimidated by your horse, it’s time to sell. Some may find that the animal’s temperament has changed or an incident has left them too frightened to properly care for the animal. This is especially true if you are at-ease around other horses but not your own. Some may also find that the new animal they’ve acquired is quite different to what they had been accustomed to. Horses need to be matched to the right owner and even if the source of the fear isn’t the animal’s fault, it could time for a new owner to love him just as much as you do. Not sure whether it’s time to sell your horse? Consider horse forums and other groups that can help you do the right thing.

The online community is a great resource to get advice and input from fellow horse lovers – do not keep a horse you cannot afford or cannot safely ride. To read more great horse articles please click here.

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