Miss Bee

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Miss Bee is a 6 year old grey mare that stands 14.3 hands tall.

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Horse Description

Name Miss Bee

Age 6

Sex Mare

Breed QH

Height 14.3

Color Grey

Miss Bee was taken from and Saved off a killer trailer headed to Waco then Mexico. She did not deserve to die just because someone didn’t want to take the time to finish her out under saddle . She loads right into a trailer, unloads, ties, lifts her feet, loves a bath and takes a saddle and bridle real well. Miss Bee is being ridden now and the trainer is working with her to get her where she needs to be under saddle. She stands to be mounted and will walk and trot fine, but will kick up when pushed into a lope as you can tell she hasn’t been taught to lope. She does not burry her head and buck, she kicks her backend up in the air. The trainer says she is very willing, has a lot of brains and is athletic and willing to learn. As we pay the trainer to finish her under saddle her price will go up with the training and time she receives under saddle. She is put together really well and is a natural on her rearend. She is built to be a little barrel or cow horse and has good big bones with solid feet. The trainer really likes this big hearted mare and says she has endless potential. She is definitely worth the time and should have never ended up where she was at.

Update ride 3 she is doing really well and only kicked up a few times when asked to lope  she was ridden down the road and through the woods and creek. Miss Bee is easily pushed through thick brush and off into the pond. She is going to make someone a very nice horse



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