Our Riding Test

Our Ride Test

I have been asked by may folks what kind of test we put our horses through before we sell them. Well, I finally wrote down the test the best I could and below are the listed items we put the horse through. Understand that the list gets progressively harder the further you go down the list. Many horses do not get a check at every point, since for instance many horses do not rope. The list was written down for the sake of seeing a horses strengths and realistically look at the horses talents and skills. The top of the list starts with items that are hard to see on video or not as visible with one visit.



1.) Does this horse crib?

2.) Does this have a bad habit or a horse vice?

3.) Catch Horse

4.) Halter Horse- touch top of head

5.) Load in Trailer

6.) Brush all over

7.) Pick up all feet

8.) Over all good manners

9.) Stand to saddle & Bridle

10.) Stand to Mount

11.) Mount from mounting block

12.) Stand after mounting

13.) Walk / lope / Trot

14.) Stop

15.) What Kind of Bit

15.a) Neck rein

16.) Open & Shut Gates

17.) Ride Bareback

18.) Ride Double

19.) Move off when slapping leg

20.) Back Up

21.) Spook if Scared

22.) Spin Rope from Saddle

23.) Stand Up in Saddle

24.) East trail Ride with cars

25.) Ride without Bridle

26.) Drag Rope around horses heels

27.) Work Cattle

28.) Rope some heads or heels

29.) Jump a small jump

30.) Carry Flag

31.) Fireworks

This list is a work in progress and the items may move up or down. We are also taking suggestions on items we may have missed. All of our horses have to go through this testing process. For more information on our sales horses please visit our site by clicking here. Our main office can be reached at 281-744-2197

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