Mistakes New Horses Owner Make

  • Buying a young horse to grow up with your child.
It’s a nice dream to have a young horse to grow up with your child, but in reality you are asking from trouble. inexperience with inexperience really doesn’t work
  • Taking the horse home and ride it the same day
You certainly do not want to jump on a new horse and go for a trail ride on the first day, no matter how eager you might be. The horse is stressed and
nervous in their new surroundings. Let them acclimate to their new home
  • Giving them too many treats.
Giving your horse treats once in a blue moon is good, but giving your horse too many treat can cause the horse to start biting and being unruly.
  • Letting your horse stand in a stall or pasture.
letting your horse stand in a stall or pasture for days and months at a time can cause your horse to have a lot of energy. Then can buck or run off.
  • Buying a horse just because it’s pretty or papers
Buying a horse just because it’s pretty or it has papers. Well a pretty is what pretty does. You want to buy a horse that is safe for you or your child. You can not ride papers. Papers doesn’t mean that you have a good horse.
  • Not having the right equipment.
Most people buy a saddle that fits them and don’t think that it makes a different to the horse. The saddle can pinch, rub sores and can cause a  horse to buck. Please make sure your saddle fits the horse first.
  • Not doing your home work about care of horses.
Horses need care. Farrier, worming and feed program. Make sure you do your recherche on horse care
  • Putting your horse on too high of protein
Putting your horse on too high of protein can cause your horse to have more energy. If you do not ride your horse a lot, put your horse on a low protein high fat.
  • It the horses fault

Horse are not unlike any other creature, they have their own unique problems. However it is not unusual for many of the problems you will see in your horse are not actually his fault, but yours.  When you come across a problem with your horse, stop for a moment and make an effort to assess the real reason behind the problem. In many cases you’ll find that it could be that you don’t have the control over your horse. If the horse is bucking, you might not have the right equipment and it could be pinching yours horse. Most of the time, it will not be the horses fault at all

  • Treating your horse like a pet

Horse are not a dog. You should not treat them like they are. They are a large animal that can hurt you. Treat them like a horse, groom, feed and take care of them. Do not play game with them out in pasture because they will play with you like your a horse and that could be very dangerous.

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