Horseback Fears and How to Face Riding as a Timid Rider

Almost every horseback rider will someday have a horse accident at some point during their riding experience. While some riders see horse accidents as a part of the sport and get right back in the saddle, other riders tend to lose their confidence and even experience gripping fear. Many of these riders become so afraid that they ask themselves whether the time and money they spend on their horse is worth the risk and that their lack of horse handling experience cannot deal with the fear.

Here’s the reality of horse ownership: unless you really enjoy riding and handling your horse, then you shouldn’t be doing it. If every time you get on a horse you experience a pounding heart, dry mouth, and crushing anxiety, then I would ask you why you continue to torture yourself in this way. Especially considering that horse back riding is an expensive, time-consuming hobby. And if you are unprepared and inexperienced, you can get hurt.

However, many riders continue to torture themselves in just this way. Why? Because they remember what it was like, before the unfortunate accident, to love to ride. And they want to experience that feeling again.

If you are still going out to the barn and trying to get on your horse despite having huge fears, my guess is that you want to return to the time when you loved horses. The good news is, there’s no reason why you can’t. If you take it slow and put yourself in the right situation, you can love riding again.

The first step is to figure out what is getting in the way of your enjoyment. For many people, they just can’t relax on their horse. They relive their bad situation, and this makes them tense up. Knowing that you have a hard time relaxing is the first step in learning how to relax on horseback. Once you learn to relax, you’ll enjoy riding again and so will your horse.

Of course, you can’t relax unless you are truly confident and comfortable. Being confident and comfortable are the cornerstones of relaxation. So how do you get confident and comfortable? By riding the right horse for you and your present skills, and by taking lessons from the right instructor. That’s right, I said instructor. If you are so fearful of horses that you want to throw up every time you get in the saddle, it’s too much to ask that you conquer this on your own.

A good horse instructor is patient, kind, never demeans you, and understands that you’ve had a bad experience and need to move slowly. Since there are many riders who have faced fear, there are also many riders who help their students overcome it. To find the right instructor, ask others who have had similar problems for a recommendation. An instructor who is right for you should be downright enthusiastic about helping you get over your issues.

You’ll also need the right horse. A calm, confident, and bombproof school horse is the best choice if you’ve been frightened. Even if your riding skills are good, you need to remember that the goal here isn’t to improve your riding skills but to improve your overall confidence. The goal is to ride without fear and learn to relax and trust the skills we do have and know that they work. The right horse will give you good experiences, and the more good experiences you have, the more your fear will recede and become something behind us. If you really love horses and riding, face your fears but take it slowly. With a good instructor and the right horse you’ll be happily back in the saddle in no time.

At our two facilities we understand that matching the right horse with the right person is very important. We advise our staff to do your best to match a horse that will work the first time with a beginner or timid rider. We have horses each week that have been hand picked to be gentle enough and confident enough to be a horse that you will be able to ride even if you are a timid rider. please call the main barn direct to talk to someone about a special horse. main Barn number 281-673-5217

We also offer beginner adult riding lessons that will help you regain your confidence and improve your skills. we will start by teaching every beginner student how to stop your horse every time with one rein. Please call 281-744-2197 to schedule a beginner riding lesson.

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