Horse Values In Drought and Depressed Market

We have had several recent e-mails and phone calls from Texas horse owners worried about the condition of the horse market. Almost like a perfect storm, the Texas horse industry is facing several storm fronts coming at once, with no end in site. I have personally seen craigslist ads where the horses are very cheap or even free. Just like a stock market or bank panic, the folks selling their horses have no reason to panic. I will tell you that things are not as dismal as they may seem.

Texas horse owners are facing a drought throughout the state for the last 10 months. This has made hay, square bales and round bales, a very scarce commodity. Square bale prices at feed stores are at an all time high and round bales are very hard to even locate. Another factor that affects horse values was the fact that horses had a value by the pound. The meat markets in the United States were recently totally shut down, forcing the whole cruel circus across the border to Mexico. This drove horse prices down drastically and horse cruelty levels to an all time high. The third troubling factor for many horse owners across Texas is the condition of the national economy. In many years past, Texas tends to escape economic ups and downs, this was not one of those years. Many Texas horse owners and families just do not have the same monthly budget for family entertainment. Money is somewhat short at the worse time- while hay is scarce and selling for top dollar.

I have personally called on several of those cheaper horses advertised on craigslist and found most do not ride well, or have some medical issues. A good broke riding horse is still a valuable creature that is hard to find. Here are ten reasons why a good broke, trustworthy, riding horse will always have a high value, even in a perceived depressed market.

1.) Lets address the hay issue first. There is still hay to be found and purchased at a fair price. The Houston area is one of the largest shipping hubs in the country. Every morning thousands of 18 wheel trucks head out, loaded with commerce. Once on location and unloaded many trucks back haul hay from regions where they have been unaffected by the drought. Also many hay producers irrigate their crop so the drought affected them very little. And please do not forget, the fall and winter season is simply 90 days away and rain will return to Texas and next years hay supply will be back to normal.

2.) Every year their is a group of using horses that creep up to a un-magic age. Once a good using horse reaches 17-19 years old the age starts showing. By 20 years of age most horses have to be retired from continuous use. A new group of two year old’s come into maturity each year with the potential to replace these good horses that are growing older. These up and comers have many years of training lying ahead of them.

3.) Horses that are used are always suestable to injury. put one horse in a pen by himself and come back the next day- he could be standing there with a metal gate wrapped around both ack legs, with no possible explanation for how this could have happened. Injured horses have to be retired until they totally recover. Your new safe riding horse is always one injury away from being retired and in need of a replacement. And just think if you left this same horse in the same pen but there where 4 other horses, imagine what could happen!

4.) Horses that are registered always have a higher value than a grade horse. Most of the major horse associations, like the AQHA, have huge incentive programs that are given to the owners of the top stallions. This builds in a professionalism that is hard to match. Many AQHA farms receive a check from the association for six figures, every year.

5.) For many folks, horses are their personal direct connection to our western heritage. It is not hard to find many people who consider their horse and horsemanship to be close to religion. Also many people have a connection to horses due to a parent or grand parent, owning horses makes them feel closer to their childhood. Owning a good riding horse will always be valuable to this group of horse owners..

6.) In our modern times horses are used to teach young folks their first big adult responsibility or job. 4-H groups have always had very successful horse programs for youth to join and be involved in. each year a new group of broke horses are needed for the next group of students. Owning a horse and treating him correctly will teach anyone to be responsible and a little hard work never hurts.

7.) A good broke horse can always be used to make money. lesson horses, therapeutic horse and trail riding horses are just a few horse groups that make profit for their owners every month. a good broke using horse will always be valuable to these owner groups.

8.) Lets face facts,  when you know how to safely ride, and own a safe horse that can be ridden anywhere, Horseback riding is a lot of fun that few activities cam match.

9.) Horses are very majestic animals and many people love and own them and have no desire to climb on their back, or to use them in any activity. For these folks just owning a horse is a thrill and they are cared for like a child. these folks love having a horse in their life. Go ask one of these owners how much their horse is worth.

10.)  The last reason a good broke horse will always be worth its money and hold its values is that many horses are actually used to work. Every day on ranches and farms horses are still used to move cattle, check fences and just any odd job that takes alot of muscle. This group of horses actually pulls its weight and makes the ranch money. Once these horses are offered for sale they usually command the highest price just due to their everyday calmness and usability. Typically these are horses anyone can ride. Calm, gentle, and broke for ranch work, that is a valuable animal.

The horse industry in Texas will turn around very soon. Texans will be back at work and the economy will move up and on. The horses that have been sold off and sent to slaughter will be gone and the horse values will go up drastically. Do not worry about the value of your good using horse, its money in the bank. A good broke riding horse will always have a high value in the horse world. Droughts will come and go, with out adverse long term affects. Texas horse owners need not worry about their good using horses, they are still worth the money and the investment.

About the Author:  Robbie Jones has operated Texas for over 12 years and is also currently manager of in Houston Texas. Robbie has been buying and selling horses for the last 25 years. To visit his main website Please Click Here. Robbie Jones is also the editor of Texas Horse ReportStop Horse AbuseHorse Articles.infoFree, and Horse Link main Office Phone number is 281-744-2197

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