Horse Slaughter

A Little Fact About Horse Slaughter.
The animals come from all over the country to be slaughter for human consumption and for food for your pets. Most of the horses are brought from contract buyers who collect the horse from all across the country. They are well know as a killer buyer. The horses are purchased from auctions and privet parties and then sold to the slaughter plants In Mexico and Canada.
The number killed in Canada and Mexico doubled to 49,000 in 2007 and rose to more than 72,000 in the year 2009, according to trade data. Few who are anti-slaughter do, even veterinarians, because horse slaughter is a very tricky issue, much trickier, say, than factory farms for chickens or slaughter conditions for beef cattle or even for veal calves. We don’t like to think of a horse, who has been trained to perform or treated as a pet or won a lot of money being slaughtered in terrifying conditions in order that some Germans or some French people might eat horse meat. Would it be different if it were starving children in some third-world country eating the meat?  USDA statistics show more than 92 percent of horses slaughtered in the U.S. are in good shape, not old and infirm as opponents claim.  Nearly 70 percent of Americans are strongly against the slaughter of American horses for human consumption overseas.  In January 2007, a federal court of appeals upheld a Texas state law declaring horse slaughter illegal in that state. Appeals from the slaughterhouses were rejected in March 2007.

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