Horse And The Texas Heat

What you should do for your horse in the Texas summer heat.

If you live in the south, we all know that it’s very hot and steamy. We all take precaution in taking care of our self, we also need to take precaution for your horse.

Make sure they have fresh clean water everyday to help them stay cool. Horses will drink up to 10 to 15 gallons of fresh water a day. If the water is not fresh, horses will not drink and your horse could suffer from dehydration.

Do not keep them in a stall. Standing still in a confined area can cause the horse’s temperature to rise even higher. Walk the horse in the open air to cool off and allow him to stand where there is plenty of air to flow over his body.

Feed, do not give them sweet feed, it can raise their body temperature.

If your horse has a pink muzzle or other sun sensitive parts on his body, apply zinc cream or sun block. Put a fly mask on your horse.

When temperatures rises, take a hose and spay down your horse to bring his body temperature down. Make sure you scrap the excess water off. If you don’t the water will trap heat in on your horse.

Make sure your horse has someplace to get out of the direct sunlight. Make sure you have trees or a lean to in your pastures or paddock.

Avoid riding your horse in the heat of the day. Ride early in the morning or late evening.

Now here are some tips on having a great summer with your horse.

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