Giddy-Up and Ride

Things to do with your horse in the summer

Riding Lesson – Riding lesson are fun and you learn the same time. Horse can be very dangerous, but if you get the “right” knowledge can reduce the risks. Learning and understanding a horse is very important in riding.

Trail Rides – Trail rides are fun. Get together with family and friends and go on a trail ride. Take advantage of nature and relax and have fun.

Summer Camp – This is a great way to meet new friends and have fun riding.

Beach/Lake – Take your horse to the beach or lake and go swimming. When it’s hot, it would be fun and relaxing taking a cool dip and swim with your horse.

Play Days – This is a great place to meet friends and to spend time with your family. You never know, you might win a ribbon or two

Play Games – Make an obstacle course and have you and your friends see how fast you can complete the course.

Join a Riding Club – There are many riding clubs like 4H. It’s a great way to learn and have fun with your horse.

Here is some thing you can do with your horse. Remember these horse are animals and they can hurt you.
But most importantly have fun and giddy up and ride.

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