Facts About Donkeys

Facts about Donkeys

  • They are the smallest animal in the equine family.
  • They are stronger then horses for their size
  • Donkeys can live into their 30′s and some can reach into their 40′s or 50;s
  • Donkeys do not like to be alone. They are herd animals and they will need another donkey, horses or goats
  • Donkeys do not have natural ‘waterproof’ coats like horses and so must have access to shelter.
  • Horses are flight animals, donkeys, however, will simply freeze when frightened.
  • Most people don t relies  that donkeys have an incredible memory. They can recognize donkeys and areas they have been before, even if it was years ago.
  • They have tough hooves so don’t need shoes like horses.
  • You should avoid high protean and alfalfa

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