Does My Saddle Fit My Horse?

Most people think that a saddle should fit the person and in reality the saddle should fit the horse first and then the rider.If the saddle doesn’t fit correctly the  saddle can cause pain and injury to your horse’s back, limit his performance, and adversely affect your riding position. Here are some tips on how to fit the right saddle to the horse.

1. Without using a saddle pad put the saddle on your horse

2. Place the saddle slightly forward on the horse’s withers. Move the saddle back until the stopping point.

3. You should be able to fit a hand (with the finger facing up) between the horses armpit and the front of the girth

4.  You should get about three or for finger between the pommel and the withers. (Without a rider)

5. Rock the saddle by holding the cantle with one hand and the other hand on the pommel. It shouldn’t rock much (preferable not at all). If you see a lot of movement, take the saddle off. The saddle doesn’t fit your horse. If the saddle doesn’t move much, take the saddle off and put a pad and saddle on and enjoy your ride.

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