consignmentAranch Horse Network- One of Texas’s Top Consignment Sales, offers a horse consignment service for large ranches and horse camps who need to sell their horses and are looking for a great home.

Need Help Selling Your Horse? We may have an easy solution. Even in Today’s Market…We are Still Selling Horses

Frustrated with placing advertisements, sending out emails and videos, scheduling for people to come see your horse, waiting for them to show up…we can make it easier for you.

In addition to selling our own horses, we sell dozens of horses for others including many ranches and stables throughout Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma..

Over the past 5 years, we have sold horses typically in an average of less than 60 days, while doing our best meeting the profit expectations of our clients. We always have motivated buyers looking for “Good Horses!.”

We can promote  your horse in our web network, and you show him, or we can have your horse transported to our sales facility and take care of all the details. We can take all the pictures and video needed to properly show your horses best features and get the horse ready for the sales process. Even in this tough Texas market, a good horse that is trustworthy is still worth “Good Money!” Do not just give your horse away because a few folks are selling off horses that have no talent and are hard to impossible to manage. I have a secret for you and them, That type of horse has always been cheap and people are always giving horses away that are like that. Do not lose money on your horse just because you do not have time to show him in his best light. we can get your horse on the internet and sold to someone who needs your horse.

We handle all aspects of marketing and showing your horse and also will coordinate the completion of your sale. you will be kept in the loop throughout the entire process. We advertise in a powerful internet network that we own and will always get results. No other horse marketer has access to this network and you will be amazed at its visibility.

There are two way we can help sell your horse


Percentage – A Ranch Horse will charge  35% of the sale price of your horse

Feed – You must provide feed and hay for a month otherwise there will be a charge of 8.50 per day

Termination on Consignment – 150.00 per month for taking care of your horse


We can advertise your horse. We would need pictures, video, and description on your horse and we will put it on our website and do all of your advertising for you. We will also need all of your info so your customers can contact you. If you need A Ranch Horse to come to your property to take and make a video there will be a charge of $1.00 per mile. There will be also a fee of 50.00 to make your video.

150.00 is for 3 months.


Contact us now to find out how we can help you sell your horse. Please call 936-222-8221 or 281-744-2197 and see if we can help you find your horse a new loving home.