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New Book Available Trail Riding on Horse Back Now on Amazon

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cover#1Author Robbie Jones makes Trail Riding on Horse Back look easy with his new book released on

Trinity, Texas, USA. 25 Nov, 2014 – Trinity, Texas based seasoned equine expert and first time author, Robbie Jones, has announced the launch of his maiden book titled, ‘Trail Riding on Horse Back: Rules of the Road’ on under the Non-Fiction genre. The book is expected to be of particular interest to anyone who loves riding horses as it features comprehensive instructions to be followed for safe riding of horses for pleasure. The book features several straight forward methods to overcome one’s fears around horses, as well as the secret to bonding with their horse. It is expected to make an interesting read for people across all ages who share love for the amazing animals that horses are, by making trail riding all the more enjoyable and safe with expert advice.

Released under the banner of Texas Horse Book, Robbie Jones’ “Trail Riding on Horse Back: Rules of the Road” is a 40 pages book that is available in Kindle ebook format on Amazon Kindle Bookstore and can be bought for just $4.99. With early reviews confirming the book to be worth much more than its meager price, true equine admirers can buy and directly download the book to any Kindle, tablet, cell phone, laptop or computer Please Click Here

:Trail Riding on Horse Back on Amazon

“Horses are truly majestic animals who are extremely powerful and equally sensitive at the same time. They are also extremely graceful when at peace, and can be as dangerous if and when provoked. Horses are also said to be amongst the most loyal friends of human beings, almost as loyal as dogs if not more,” says Robbie Jones, the author of the book. “Anyone who owns or dreams of owning a horse, or loves riding horses, or simply being around them, my book can provide rare insights into the equine mind and heart, enabling you to develop a connect with your horse and make trail riding with your horse and your friends all the more enjoyable and safe!”

Author Robbie Johnson’s book, ‘Trail Riding on Horse Back: Rules of the Road’ is a non-fiction work for people of all ages who love horses. In this first book of his, the author showcases how one can learn to ride a horse even if they have never owned a horse. The extremely informative guide makes the reader realize that even if they do not know anything about riding horses they still can benefit and see their life transform with the ability to safely have fun on their horse.

“I am confident that anyone who is interested in horses will find this book an extremely fascinating way to learn safe riding,” added the author. “Readers across all ages having an interest in knowing more about horses and equestrianism will definitely find my new book to be a great read!”

Being touted as one of the most insightful books on horse riding released in the non-fiction genre in recent months, ‘Trail Riding on Horse Back: Rules of the Road’ by Robbie Jones is expected to emerge as a must-read book for anyone who finds horses intriguing enough and is keen on learning more about them, including the ones who already know how to ride horses and love being around them.

“I, myself, love horses and have been successfully working and caring for them for over 20 years. They are perhaps the most inspiring of all animals and have been the source of inspiration for artists and poets for hundreds of years. I have deep respect and love for these beautiful, majestic and powerful animals, and wanted to share the knowledge and insights I have developed through working with them for years,” speaking on the inspiration for his new book, the author says. “Being a horse lover myself, I found it easy to write about them. This is my first book and I sincerely hope that my readers will enjoy it as much as I did writing it!”

The book is expected to particularly resonate with everyone who owns a horse or would like to own one someday. The book has been presented in a way that makes it equally interesting to readers of all ages who might have even the slightest of interest in these magnificent equine animals.

To buy the Kindle book ‘Trail Riding on Horse Back: Rules of the Road’ from Amazon, please visit: Trail Riding on Horse Back

About Author Robbie Jones

Robbie Jones has been buying, caring for and marketing horses since 1996. He has operated a successful horse rescue operation that slowly grew into a large horse stable service with help from his wife and partner Lisa Rogers. Owing to his vast experience with horses, Robbie Jones was hired as the new editor for the horse article directory,, which was started In 2011. Writing about horses came naturally to the author and he plans to follow up on his first book with another to be released early next year. To know more about author Robbie Jones, please visit and to read more of his works, please visit to or

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