A Horse/Horror/Dog Story

A Horse/horror/Dog story

For many years at the horse stables I have owned a pug. Milo is my personal dog and for 2 and a half years he has gone everywhere with me. We could write a whole story about Milo and he even has his own website, but this is not a story about Milo. One day recently I came up with the idea that I wanted to breed pugs, and Milo could use a friend. Besides more love is just more love, Right. So after a quick check on craigslist it was not hard to find a female pug for sale, same age as Milo.  And after a few short emails a young lady was very excited that her female was “so sweet and perfect for Milo!”
We agreed to meet at a dog park I had never heard of, no wonder it was 70 miles from our location, and it was 5:00 pm Houston traffic. After several attempts to find this place and several attempts to just give up and drive home, ( I had never gotten her phone number), we finally found the dog park. By this time I was frazzled but got out and was ready to meet me new sweet little girl. Once she pulled up with the dog, I was excited, she was just like Milo, same size and almost same color. She seemed a bit excited to be at the dog park and I chalked to up to being left in the apartment all day. After a short time at the park we gave the young lady the agreed upon amount and loaded our new little girl. Funny the young lady brought every thing this dog owned. Every box of food, every dish and coat and toy. And the little girl had the biggest smile, never a tear shed as she was pulling out.
Well what started as a great idea quickly turned into a nightmare. This pug was absolutely nothing like my precious Milo. And once we started handling her, we quickly found out she really knew almost nothing. I started to make jokes about how big the girls smile was when she drove off. The more I joked the worse the dog acted. When this dog shook its self, a cloud of the thickest longest hair I had ever seen came flying off and got on everything. Milo has never shed or had hair like that. The more time I spent with the dog I started wondering how this girl took this dog anywhere with her. And as each hour went by the dog seemed to get worse and worse. How could this lady send this insane dog with me, this dog knows nothing. She is absolutely nothing like Milo and I actually wanted to take this demon dog back to her. Hell at this point just keep the money!

Well then it occurred to me that every week we are sending horses to new homes and people are getting to interact with their horse on their terms. I started realizing that our horses may be going to folks that may have a total different expectation of what and how this new horses is “supposed to act”. The difference between this 20 pound, “out of control pug” and a thousand pound horse could be more than intimidating. We would never send a horse out of our facility with “Issues”, if we knew. We will always disclose what we do know about every horse and would never want a customer to feel like we had “saddled them with a bad pug!”
If you get a horse to your location and find that this new horse is “Absolutely nothing like Expected” Please call me and lets see if we can fix this. In almost every single case I will not be able to refund your money, no exceptions, But I will offer you a chance to trade the horse for another animal that will be more suitable for your needs. I do not think this will fix every problem, but I do think if I personally had an option I would drive all the way back to the other side of town and give this lady back her crazy acting dog and take anything but this dog, “Got a girls bike or a tennis racket?”
All the joking aside, I plan to do my best with the new pug and between the Dog Whisper Show, prayer and a Valium for me I will get her at least manageable. I now realize I had unrealistic expectations of how the new dog was supposed to act. Since all animals are different you can never know how a horse or dog will work out. I did not like the feeling of getting something that I was expecting to be just like my perfect little boy. Realistic or not, sometimes open options can make a bad situation better.
I am offering a way to trade out a horse that may not act like you expected. I will help you get a horse that at least acts like you expected him to act. Call me calmly, and with in a reasonable amount of time after a sale, and I will do my best. Now, anyone want to buy a sweet 2 year old pug…?  Cheap? Call me please….I will throw in all her toys…..text meee…..

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